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import flask

from import BaseStorage

[docs]class SessionStorage(BaseStorage): """ The default storage backend. Stores and retrieves OAuth tokens using the :ref:`Flask session <flask:sessions>`. """
[docs] def __init__(self, key="{}_oauth_token"): """ Args: key (str): The name to use as a key for storing the OAuth token in the Flask session. This string will have ``.format(bp=self.blueprint)`` called on it before it is used. so you can refer to information on the blueprint as part of the key. For example, ``{}`` will be replaced with the name of the blueprint. """ self.key = key
def get(self, blueprint): key = self.key.format(bp=blueprint) return flask.session.get(key) def set(self, blueprint, token): key = self.key.format(bp=blueprint) flask.session[key] = token def delete(self, blueprint): key = self.key.format(bp=blueprint) del flask.session[key]